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"Embracing the Complexity: Navigating Life's Unseen Energies and Hidden Realities"

If anyone said, they have all of life's answers, steer clear of them. No one has all of the answers. As an intuitive, I have the ability to see the unseen, but I've had my share of challenges along the way. I am not exempt from life lifing. LOL

To the human mind, some of our experiences DO NOT make sense. You can set intentions, be positive, fast, meditate, act when needed, and you can still experience what appears as mishaps, stagnancy, or delays.

With delays or plans falling apart, one can easily explain that it was for their protection or something better is coming. But what about those moments where you are not hearing or feeling anything? What about those times when you have studied your situation in so many different ways that you know you've exhausted all avenues?

Remaining confident in the decisions you chose and exercising patience during those uncomfortable moments can be extremely challenging; especially when it comes to wanting to see our desires come intro fruition.

I'm here to tell you life is not all cookie-cutter perfect. I've experienced long periods when I just had to continue with what I knew and do things I may not have completely understood and accepted the space I was in. I've had moments where I consulted my spiritual counsel, and they had no answers for my situations, and were even told that rituals couldn't make my process speed up. My journey has consisted of a lot of trial and error.

If you've been in uncomfortable situations such as living situations that were not the best; financial slowdowns, or even a dry love life, you want to learn whatever you need to learn, do whatever needs to be done to quickly get yourself through those circumstances. I have been there! I have seen and been through some bullsh*t. So when I tell you I understand--I truly do.

I understand that some of you may feel like you've done everything necessary and yet still face challenges. I get it. Let me tell you, if someone claims that everything has been a walk in the park for them after embarking on a spiritual journey, healing, and discovering their higher purpose in life, they're not being entirely truthful.

Indeed, being aware of your own energy, living authentically, and practicing mindfulness and self-care can make a significant difference in your life. However, it's important to acknowledge that there is a deeper layer to how life operates than what initially meets the eye. There are unseen energies at play, operating in the background, which you may not be fully aware of. Some of us are actively working through our personal karma and the karmic imprints inherited from our ancestors. It's also possible that you're in the process of concluding timelines connected to past-life events. These realities can be challenging to accept, but they are an integral part of the human experience.

Understanding the complexities of life can be a bitter pill to swallow. Yet, it's crucial to recognize that some of the experiences we encounter are simply an inherent part of the journey. Embracing this truth allows us to navigate life's twists and turns with a sense of resilience and acceptance. By acknowledging the multifaceted nature of existence, we open ourselves up to a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

But the questions are: Can you stay committed to your purpose? Can you discover a way to find happiness and gratitude for your current circumstances? And even if you haven't achieved everything you desired in life, would you simply give up? Remember, staying dedicated to your purpose requires resilience and unwavering belief in yourself. It's about finding joy in the journey, appreciating the lessons learned along the way, and celebrating small victories. Don't let temporary setbacks discourage you; instead, use them as stepping stones towards growth and self-improvement. Embrace the notion that life's path is filled with twists and turns, and it's your determination that will guide you through. Ask yourself: Will you choose to persevere and discover the hidden blessings within each moment, or will you let disappointment overshadow your potential for greatness? The choice is yours, and your response will shape the course of your journey.

Through moments of stillness and discomfort, I have undergone tremendous personal growth. I have cultivated qualities such as patience, persistence, forgiveness, a willingness to surrender, and a deep sense of reflection during those challenging times. It's important to recognize that in life, there comes a point where discomfort arises from surpassing the limits of our current conditions. For instance, when we outgrow certain people or environments, the unease we feel serves as a signal that it's time to move forward. It's like outgrowing a pair of shoes; the discomfort becomes evident.

Looking back, there were instances where the discomfort I experienced seemed SO unnecessary. I believe many of us can relate to that feeling, and it brings a humorous twist to our shared experiences. I can't claim to understand everything fully in the present moment, and that's all right with me. To be honest, I anticipate that some of those experiences will reveal their true significance further along the journey. And that's perfectly okay. I have made peace with the fact that understanding will unfold in its own time.

"This post is not to provide you with THE ANSWER. "

This post doesn't aim to present a definitive answer that holds all the solutions. Often, the answers may not be immediately visible or unfold in the expected manner. My intention is simply to remind you that you're not alone on this journey and to encourage you to seek peace and acceptance in those uncomfortable moments of pause or silence. Remember, you are here to embrace the human experience and it's your responsibility to explore what that entails for you personally.

I want to emphasize that this post is not an invitation to indulge in complaints or wallow in the sorrows of why things aren't aligning as desired. There are no pity parties to be found here! Likewise, it's crucial to avoid complacency and the trap of victimhood. Instead, recognize that you have a purpose in being here, and give it your all. Live your life to the fullest without apologies or regrets. Trust in your capabilities and the journey that lies ahead.


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