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Crystal+CLR Alignment Blog: Insights of All Things Magickal + Practical

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Welcome to Crystal+CLR Alignment Blog

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Crystal+CLR Alignment Blog: A Guide to Spiritual Transformation

Are you ready to unlock your true potential and embark on a spiritual journey of transformation? Do you feel like there are so many resources but you don't know which ones to trust? Have you felt like spirituality can be so generalized or cliché and you have a hunger for more substance? Do you desire to be connected to others who are just as serious about their soul growth as you are?

Then Crystal+CLR Alignment is the perfect guide for you. In this informative intro of my blog, I highlight the benefits of subscribing to this blog and community. I believe building ourselves individually will strengthen our connections, which will in turn establish a sense of community amongst ourselves on a collective level. Crystal+CLR will provide spiritual tips and tools to help readers take their first steps toward finding inner peace. You'll learn about ways to work with your energy to align with what you want, deets on some of my favorite crystals, as well as some lesser-known spiritual gems that I think deserve more attention. With the power of alignment in your corner, you can move closer to achieving your goals and connecting with your Higher Self.

What's Alignment, anyway?


noun: alignment

arrangement in a straight line, or in correct or appropriate relative positions.

a position of agreement or alliance.

Alignment, in an energetic sense, is shifting your current state of being to an energetic match to what you

desire; whether it is relocating to an environment that's more conducive to your energy, having more pleasurable experiences, taking more time being present, or fulfilling your purpose. It is more challenging to receive those desired outcomes if you're not in the position to receive them. That's like asking for water, but your cup is flipped upside down, or asking for money and a person is trying to hand it to you but you refuse to take your hands out of your pocket.

Shifting one's energy to be aligned with one's desired outcome has been a tried and tested way to bring balance and harmony into our lives. Trending topics such as manifestation thru using Universal Laws & Principles, healing trauma, and working with the elements aren't new. They've been around since ancient times! Crystal+CLR Alignment is a modern-day manifestation of these ancient practices, through using my intuition, experience thru lessons, and unlearning patterns that don't serve me.

I believe people want more out of life than just existing. People want improved relationships, to increase their clarity when making decisions, and to bring about profound change that can be experienced in all areas of life. With resources such as online articles and videos available, anyone interested in unlocking the power within themselves can take the necessary steps toward discovering the full extent of their true potential.

What's Crystal+CLR Alignment about?

Crystal+CLR Alignment Blog readers can gain access to valuable information by exploring tips and tools and learning how to tap into the power of their higher self to find inner peace here on this platform. You'll receive exclusive content based on over 20 years of being in the spiritual streetz. We ain't even talking about the amount of past lives info I've accumulated! LOL real talk I want to pour into you. Eventually, I want to teach others everything I know within courses. I realized a lot of clients and potential clients have tons of questions about spirituality and I often found myself answering the same questions continuously. A lot of people requested I create a blog or some kind of guide to help spiritual newbies and OGs alike. Initially, I was resistant to the idea of creating another blog because I had put a lot of time and energy into

my women's empowerment blog, JustHER (HerStory Evolving Richly). I give a lot and I felt I couldn't give more. Now that I have understood some things about my energy, I realize I can give but to know my limits. When I give I give A LOT; which sometimes can bite me in the ass as far as being exhausted afterward. Know that when I do post, the content will be on point and worth it. Trust! I always give my best efforts.

Now we got that covered, remember, it’s important not just to take a holistic approach towards understanding your own spiritual journey, but also why it matters. Spiritual growth is essential for achieving true harmony within yourself. Through adjusting your energy and healing, you are able to access deeper levels of self-awareness, which leads to powerful transformation on both spiritual and physical levels. By offering up my knowledge I hope you will be encouraged to explore new possibilities for yourself through the power of alignment.

For those looking for a way of initiating their own spiritual transformation, the Crystal+CLR Alignment Blog is here to help you get started! Sign up for my newsletter now so you stay updated with all of my upcoming articles - it is sure to be an enlightening experience!

Love ya,

Amethyst 💜

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