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Premium Business Package

Transform and elevate your business with strategic insights and holistic energy alignment for unparalleled growth and success.




Service Description


Comprehensive Support:

- Receive continuous guidance and support through multiple sessions designed to address various aspects of your business and personal energy alignment

- Strategic Insights: Leverage both intuitive information and logical analysis to develop effective strategies for growth and success.

- Enhanced Energy Alignment: Ensure your business environment and personal energy are aligned with your goals, promoting high performance and productivity.

- Flexible Scheduling: Enjoy the flexibility to schedule follow-ups and sessions at your convenience, making it easy to integrate this package into your busy schedule



Elevate your business with a unique package designed to provide continuous support and energy alignment.

The Premium Business Package combines the essential elements of my services to offer a comprehensive approach to enhancing your business's energy dynamics, strategic direction, and overall success.

Package Inclusions:

Optional Business Consultation (valued at $80):

- Begin with a focused and insightful session to gain clarity on your business challenges and opportunities. This consultation lays the foundation for our work together, combining intuitive insights with strategic thinking to create a holistic view of your business's potential. If you have already purchased a Business Consultation, the cost will be credited or applied to this package.

2 Let's Talk Business Sessions:

- Engage in two in-depth sessions to uncover what’s holding your business back and receive actionable insights. We'll work on aligning your business with the energy of success, developing tailored strategies to enhance growth, client attraction, and overall performance. Paired with this service is my signature GEMS Report (Guiding Entrepreneurial Mastery & Success), which provides personalized insights to align your business with the energy of success while uncovering hidden gems, challenging the status quo, and making your impact more effective.

1 The Refresher Session:

- Benefit from a quick yet powerful session designed to rebalance and stabilize your personal energy. This session helps clear mental fog, relieve stress, and boost your energy, ensuring you stay grounded and focused in your business endeavors.

2 Business Alignment Check-Ins:

- Enjoy two 30-minute follow-up sessions to delve deeper into the insights and strategies we discussed. These check-ins provide ongoing support, addressing new challenges and ensuring your business stays aligned with your desired outcomes. Schedule them at your discretion, ideally after each Let's Talk Business session.

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