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Interior Auric Design™️

Harmonize and Elevate Your Space for Optimal Energy (CURRENTLY ONLY ACCEPTING BUSINESSES)

Starting at $150

1 hour

Service Description


- Experience a renewed sense of harmony and positive energy in your space.

- Enhance the specific energies you desire in different areas of your home or business.

- Create a sanctuary that supports your overall well-being and success.

- Boost motivation, inspiration, and performance in business settings, driving higher sales and productivity.



Cleanse, balance, & activate the energy dynamics in your sanctuary—home or business—to bring about a transformative experience.

My Interior Auric Design™️ service is tailored to reset, create, and revitalize the aura of your space based on its purpose. Whether you seek to enhance tranquility, abundance, love, motivation, or inspiration, I strategically align your environment to support these goals and promote high performance and productivity in business settings.

What to Expect:

1. Consultation:

- An initial consultation to understand the specific needs and purpose of your space.

- Detailed discussion on the type of energy you wish to magnify in different areas of your space.

2. Energy Assessment:

- Evaluate the current energy dynamics of your space.

- Identify any energetic imbalances or blocks that need addressing.

3. Personalized Auric Design:

- Develop a tailored plan to harmonize and enhance the energy in your office, bedroom, living room, foyer, kitchen, and other major communal areas.

- Implement strategies to cleanse, balance, and invigorate the space, creating an environment that fosters tranquility, abundance, love, motivation, and inspiration.

4. Business Environment Enhancement:

- Specifically enhance the energy of abundance, motivation, and inspiration to generate high performance and productivity.

- Align your business environment to support your specific goals and desired outcomes.

Additional Service:

- The Refresher":

- My signature service, "The Refresher," is also available for those interested in balancing, enhancing, and harmonizing their personal energy. Available upon request. For a comprehensive energy alignment experience, consider my special package that includes both Interior Auric Design™️ and “The Refresher” services.

Booking Information:

Ready to transform your space? Schedule your Interior Auric Design session today and discover how we can help you create an environment that supports your goals and enhances your well-being.

- Consultation is required first.

- Spaces over 10,000 square feet will require a custom price quote.

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