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Business Alignment Check-In

Follow-Up Session for Existing Clients Only (Limit 2 Per Service/Person)


30 mins

Service Description


- Continuously align your business with your goals and desired outcomes.

- Receive ongoing support and guidance to navigate new challenges.

- Maintain a high level of motivation, inspiration, and energy within your business.



Congratulations on taking significant steps toward enhancing your business!

As a dedicated energy practitioner, I am pleased to offer you two 30-minute complimentary follow-up sessions exclusively for existing business owner clients. These sessions are called "Business Alignment Check-Ins."

Service Description:

"Business Alignment Check-Ins" are designed for business owners who have previously engaged with my services and are seeking continued support and growth. These sessions provide an opportunity to delve deeper into the insights and strategies we discussed, address any new challenges, and explore ways to further align your business with your desired outcomes.

What to Expect:

1. Review and Reflect:

- Reflect on the progress made since our last session.

- Discuss the impact of the strategies and energy work implemented.

2. Address Emerging Challenges:

- Identify and address any new challenges or obstacles that have arisen.

- Explore solutions and adjustments to keep your business on track.

3. Further Guidance and Support:

- Receive additional intuitive insights and practical advice tailored to your business needs.

- Explore new ways to enhance, activate, and generate positive energies for continued success.

Booking Information:

Ready to continue your journey towards business excellence?

Make the most of your three complimentary "Business Alignment Check-Ins" to ensure ongoing growth and alignment. Each session is an invaluable opportunity to refine your strategies and maintain momentum.

Note: Please schedule your sessions wisely to maximize their impact. Consider jotting down any questions or keeping a journal to track your business progress and insights.

I am here to support you, and I encourage you to utilize these sessions for meaningful conversations that will significantly impact your business success.

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